Saturday, July 12, 2008

Scrambled Eggs: It's What's for Breakfast

Would you believe that when I first met my husband he didn't know how to scramble and egg? Me neither. He knows a good deal about cooking, but this escaped him, mostly because he doesn't like eggs. It's not that hard and I have the video to prove it!

  • 2 eggs
  • 1 – 2 tablespoons of milk (whole or skim)
  • salt
  • pepper (optional)
What you need:
  • a frying pan
  • a fork
  • a bowl
  • spray oil
  • spatula

Step #1: You can't make an omelet...
..because I haven't taught you how. Ha ha! Crack the eggs over the bowl and add the milk. You don't really need measuring spoons, just guesstimate. I like my scrambles on the yellow yolky side so I tend to go light on the milk. Add the salt & pepper and if you want you can throw in some shredded cheese left over from the grilled cheese sandwiches you made for yesterday's lunch. Unless you ate the bag after....

Step #2: Scramble!
Take the fork. With the fork in the egg mixture, make quick circular motions with your wrist. Below is the video:

After it's all incorporated set aside.

Step #3: Fry me to the moon
Or not. Heat the pan on medium and spray. Eggs need help no matter how good you pans are. You can heat the pan while your whisking to save time. If you're making toast with this, now is the time to put that on. Pour the eggs into the heated pan and push them around gently with the spatula. The more you push them around the smaller the curd will be. Curd - a substance consisting mainly of casein and the like, obtained from milk by coagulation, and used as food or made into cheese or any substance resembling this. If you like big fluffy eggs, don't bother them too much. After a few moments you can get your spatula under the whole mess and flip it over.
The Secret to Perfect Scrambled Eggs: If you think it needs a minute more, you're done.
Eggs go dry very quickly. It's ok if they look a little bit under done – not runny, just slightly sweaty – because you can always cook them a bit more. You can't take it back once they dry up on you.
Be earth conscience! While you're cooking, rinse the fork and bowl and put the cooked eggs in there. It cuts down on dirty dishes. Soak the pan in soapy water when you're done so cleaning that is less of a hassle.

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Brad Naprixas said...

you mean "earth conscious". I love the fact that I can see the sleeve of your pajamas in the video. It's so appropriate that you're wearing pajamas for a breakfast entry!!

On that note, you should add more breakfast recipes. I'm one of those people that skips breakfast a lot, and an arsenal of quick recipes could remedy that.

Be earth's conscience!